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After School Program
St. Bartholomew School offers an After School Care Program after regular school hours. The program remains open until 6:00 PM on days school is in session.

While all students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten 3 to Grade 8 at Saint Bartholomew School are eligible to apply for entrance into the program. Spaces in the program are limited.

Students in After School Care will be in groups and have an activity schedule which is monitored at all times by one or more ASC personnel. Please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate all the children who register.

An application form is available on this page and must be completed prior to school opening to be considered for enrollment in the program. There is a $5.00 registration fee due at the time of submitting your application.

Snacks are available daily for a nominal cost. Pizza lunch is available on half days. A lunch order form is available on this page. All lunch order forms must be sent in the day prior to the half-day so that the necessary amount of food may be ordered.

All payments are to be made by check made payable to St. Bartholomew School; we discourage the use of cash for bookkeeping and deposit reasons. Payment must be received in full within two weeks of the billing date. Failure to pay the monthly bill in full will result in withdrawal of your child/children from the program. While we are dedicated to servicing the needs of our students, we also must efficiently accommodate the extensive financial requirements of running such a program and treat each and every family in a fair manner. Returned checks will be assessed a fee of $40.00.

The program ends promptly at 6:00 PM. Any family who does not pick their child/children up by 6:00 PM will be charged $20.00 for that day of service for every half hour the staff member is required to wait for the parent/guardian. This will be added to your monthly bill. However, late pick-up is considered a rare event and should only occur in an emergency situation. Please make arrangements for a secondary person to pick up your child/children on days you cannot reach the school by 6:00 PM.

After School Care Staff Contact Information

After 2:00 PM, the ASC staff members may be reached at 732-254-1559.

After School Care Rates

Monthly Rates
Children Pick-up at 4 PM Pick-up at 5 PM Pick-up at 6 PM
1 $185 $260 $335
2 $275 $385 $495
3 $360 $510 $660

Daily/Drop-in Rates
Up to 1 hour $10.00/child
1 - 4 hours $20.00/child

For enrollment of four or more children, please call the school office at 732-254-7105 for rates.

After School Care Forms

Registration Form
Early Dismissal Lunch Order Form

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