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"St. Bartholomew should be the standard for all Catholic Elementary Schools."

Our son Alex just graduated 8th Grade and from the beginning we knew that we made the right choice for him to attend St. Bartholomew School. When Our Lady of Lourdes School in Milltown closed its doors, so many families and children were affected and emotionally devastated. We were fortunate that St. Bartholomew School welcomed all the families. During the initial school tour, St. Bartholomew students provided us the tour. These students were very knowledgeable and exhibited confidence in themselves as they articulated school activities. It was clear to us that they were proud of their school. We knew immediately that St. Bart’s was the one and only choice for Alex.

As Alex progressed through his years in St. Bart’s we noticed the changes in Alex, he became more open and personable. More noticeable were the improvements in his academic Reading Skills, Math, Vocabulary, Science and his Social Skills. The Science Fair soon became of our favorites in school. The students showcased their projects to the school community. This was an excellent exercise for the students to articulate their projects to their families and friends thus developing their social skills. Alex’s participation in the Drama Club was pivotal for Alex. The presentation of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” and “Seussical” were a wonderful experiences for Alex. He blossomed musically and the experienced developed his self-esteem. The subject of Music, as everyone in school knows, will always be dear in Alex’s heart. We are very Thankful to the Administration and Staff that guided him through his years at St. Bartholomew School. The faculty has done a phenomenal job and we know you will continue to do so!!!!

Thank You St. Bartholomew, Alex graduated with that confidence we saw in the children when we took that 1st tour. St. Bartholomew should be the standard for all Catholic Elementary Schools.

– Ed and Liz Domingo

"Giving my daughter the many things she will need to succeed later in life"

For seven years St. Bartholomew School has been giving my daughter the many things she will need to succeed later in life: the academic foundation which is built upon year after year, morals and values from a Catholic education, and a community of people who are a second family to us. St. Bartholomew's teachers nurture her mind and spirit, while also allowing her to be herself. I have never once regretted my decision to send her here.

— Michele Monteleone

"St. Bartholomew is the right and best choice for our family"

As educators and parents, it is our goal for our children to attend a school where they can grow both academically and spiritually in a small and caring community. St. Bartholomew is the right and best choice for our family. We travel from outside of East Brunswick to attend St. Bart's. Our son has been attending St. Bart's since the 1st grade and will be attending the fourth grade in fall of 2012. In the past three years he has had the experience of being in small classes with warm and caring teachers that treat the students as if they are their own sons and daughters. We have always been well informed about the expectations, assignments, and deadlines via the teacher pages. The teachers respond via email when and if necessary. Our son is excited to get involved in many more activities offered as he moves up and is encouraged and inspired by older students. St. Bartholomew School is teaching our son to be a responsible Catholic with strong values. Soon our younger son will follow in his footsteps and is excited to attend St. Bart's.

– Parents of Jordan, 4th grade

"We have loved every teacher that she has had"

When it was time to send my eldest to kindergarten, I was torn, public school or St. Bart’s. My nephew went there all through elementary school, so I asked his opinion. His reply was, “Are you kidding? Those were the best years of my life!” Without hesitation, I sent my daughter there.

I have never for a minute regretted my decision. We have loved every teacher that she has had. They are very dedicated and truly care about the children. The buddy program for the first and eighth graders is a wonderful program. I think the public schools are missing out by not having it in their schools. All the children are kind to each other and the older children know the younger ones by name. It is like being part of a family. We have enjoyed every minute there.

– Maryellen Harduby

"Her future is bright because of the foundation that began at St. Barts."

St. Bartholomew School is not just a place, but a state of mind. Within a safe and nurturing environment, we have watched our daughter mature from a tentative Pre-K student to a confident and capable seventh grader. St. Bartholomew School has allowed her to grow academically, spiritually and socially. Her future is bright because of the foundation that began at St. Barts.

– The Szallai Family

"Strong academically"

St. Bart’s offers our daughter a good and safe learning environment. It was very important to us that the school was strong academically. St. Bart’s test scores indicated just that. Another important aspect of the school is the spiritual learning which gives our daughter strong lifetime values.

– Parents of Sofia, 3rd Grade

"A Catholic education for our children is not just a privilege, it’s a necessity"

The more people try to take God out of this world, the more important it becomes to keep God in it. A Catholic education for our children is not just a privilege, it’s a necessity.

– Ken and Sonia Atzingen

"It is a true family here"

I love that the “big kids” say “hello” and are very caring to the younger grades. My first grade daughter rattles off names of her friends in the upper grades. It is a true family here. My husband, who went to public school claims “you’d never see that in a public school!”

– Mary Kruh

"St. Bart’s has accomplished and exceeded our expectations"

We wanted to introduce our child to an education based on discipline, religious and moral values. St. Bart’s has accomplished and exceeded our expectations. Keep it up!

– Parents of Matthew Diaz, 1st Grade

"Strong focus on academic and religious core values"

One of the earliest and yet crucially important decisions that all parents face relates to the elementary and religious education of their children. In making this decision we recognized that the choices we made at this stage will likely have long term and far reaching impacts on our child’s religious and academic development. We chose St. Bartholomew School because of its strong focus on academic and religious core values. In addition, we’ve found that the St. Bartholomew teaching staff and administration take a personal interest in the educational, social and religious development of the students. Finally, the St. Bartholomew School provides a safe environment where our child can associate with children and families that share our values.

- George and Jen Fuchs

"My son loves to go to school every day"

My son has attended St. Bart’s for two years and our experience has been wonderful. Teachers are caring and experienced, and my son loves to go to school every day. He feels safe, excited and loved – what else could we ask for from the school?!

- Mom of a second grader

"Saint Bartholomew’s has never ceased to exceed my expectations. I expect a lot."

I chose Saint Bartholomew School seven years ago, because I wanted my children to have a catholic school education, period. Saint Bartholomew’s has never ceased to exceed my expectations. I expect a lot. Great education and teachers, strong sense of catholic values and most importantly the sacred feeling of a close, loving community. We are all a family here at Saint Bartholomew School.

- Anonymous

"A loving and nurturing environment"

We send our children to Catholic Schools because of the strong catholic values. We also love the strong school family that catholic schools seem to have. It is a home away from home and we want our children to be in a loving and nurturing environment even when they are away from their immediate home. Children seem to grow up so quickly these days and we think catholic schools keep our children more safe and grounded in their warm surroundings.

- Gert and John Melnick, Parents of Christan and Stephen Melnick and Matthew Melnik, Class of 2005

"Excellence both academically and spiritually"

St. Bartholomew School is a place where children’s education foundations are formed. They learn to strive to exceed for excellence both academically and spiritually. The faculty provides loving guidance. It’s a place where the children feel welcomed and part of an extended family.

-Santina D’Esposito – mother of three students

"A happy and positive foundation for learning"

My daughters’ preschool experiences at St. Bartholomew has given them a happy and positive foundation for learning.

-Samson Family

"I thank our Lord for this special, special place and I thank all of you for making it so"

First let me thank you so much for your weekly message in the communication envelope. I love reading and learning as much as I can about my faith. My wife, Barbara and I have had three children graduate St. Bart’s and our fourth is Katie in 5th grade. St. Bart’s is a wonderful, loving, caring school and parish. It is our home. We are so pleased with the education, especially religious that all our children have received. So many of the teachers are our friends and so many families have influenced our lives. As Monsignor Michael used to say “there is no plastic on the furniture here, everyone is invited to use and enjoy all we have to offer”. I thank our Lord for this special, special place and I thank all of you for making it so.

-With love and appreciation, Jeff and Barbara Cavico

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