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Bereavement Ministry

Grief is a process that takes time, but ultimately leads us to heal from the pain of the loss of a loved one. “Surviving a Loss” is designed to help individuals dig into and locate their inner strengths, combine those strengths with prayer and some newly acquired skills, so that they may begin the healing process in a healthy way, and at the same time learn to remember and honor their loved ones with grace and dignity.

During these nine weeks we will combine our lessons with prayer, conversation, films and other activities, as we create a comfortable healing environment.

The Weekly Topics

  • Telling the Story
  • Normal Grief Reactions
  • Emotions-Dealing with Feelings
  • Finishing “Unfinished” Business
  • Coping with Stress
  • Remembering—Celebrating the Life
  • Letting Go—Changing the Relationship
  • Recreating Your Life
  • Creating a Memorial

When, Where, How

  • New groups will begin in the spring and fall of the year.
  • Time of the meetings will be determined by those who will be in attendance, noting that often individuals may not want to drive at night.
  • If we have a night meeting, every attempt will be made to provide transportation if needed.
  • At this time we are meeting at the Sunrise Senior Living on Summerhill Rd.
  • Meetings tend to run from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • It is important that members of the group commit to all sessions.
  • No one will ever be compelled to speak unless they wish to do so.
  • Once we begin a group we will not accept any newcom-ers. Individuals will need to wait for the next group to start.
  • The sessions run for about nine weeks, but may extend longer, depending on the group. Groups are not all the same and we will adjust ac-cording to the needs of the individuals in the group.
  • EVERYONE is welcome at “Surviving a Loss!”

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