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SAGE: Seniors Aging Gracerfully Everyday

SAGE is a ministry devoted to the SENIOR population at St. Bartholomew’s Parish. SAGE stands for Seniors Aging Gracefully Everyday. Our mission is to make our adult parishioners feel that they are a vibrant part of the community here at St. Bart’s, and that the Church values their continuing service and leadership. We provide: EARS to listen, HEARTS to pray, HANDS to offer service to the sick and homebound, and SMILES to support each other.

Thank you, Owen!
SAGE, the Bereavement Groups, Bible Study Group and the Knights of Columbus all say “Thank You!” for your generosity in donating your TV and a new DVD player to us. We appreciate your generosity and are truly happy that your parents and teachers at St. Bartholomew School have enabled you to understand the true value of generosity.

SAGE Tea Parties
On February 15, SAGE held its first Tea Party at Sophie’s home. Conversation was lively and the 11 visitors has a lovely time. Would you like to host a tea party at the home of a senior who is homebound? We have everything you might need. Contact Sr. Kathleen at 732-238-1791 or

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