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The Mission of the Catholic Community of Saint Bartholomew is to build our lives in the image of Christ through love, worship and service.

The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” — Catechism of the Catholic Church

We invite you to join us in prayer and worship.

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We invite you to grow spiritually through worship, prayer and education ministries that teach us and our children how to live our lives in Christ’s image.

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We have many ministries in the church that exist to serve our parishioners, but they also provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others.

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From Our Pastor Our Pastor's Page
March 11, 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Each year, the Season of Lent offers a time of spiritual renewal. Usually, we take up this Lenten journey as the gift of personal renewal in terms of our relationship with the Lord. But Lent is also a time to focus beyond ourselves. It offers us an opportunity to hear the cry of the poor and to grow in solidarity with them. The alms we give helps us to express our gratitude to God and allows us to exercise generosity to our brothers and sisters in need. Remember, God remembers every good deed that we have done in our lifetime. Our Lord Jesus has commanded us to spend our lives in service to the poor and brokenhearted.

Monday, March 19th is the feast of good Saint Joseph. The 7pm Novena Mass will be celebrated in his honor and we will have the traditional Saint Joseph table in the narthex after the Mass. After Mass, I will bless an image of Our Mother of Good Counsel and formally dedicate a memorial plaque to our beloved Sister Marita Catherine Leinmiller, IHM. Sr. Catherine served our parish community for many years taking care of the sick and homebound members of our community. Sister Catherine died on August 3rd, 2015 and is remembered for her joyful spirit and loving heart.

Please come and celebrate with us.

In Christ,
Fr. Thomas

More from Father Tom on our Pastor's Page

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Statement of The Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Regarding shooping at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

"Nineteen years ago I sat with the parents of children murdered in the Columbine High School massacre, and buried some of their dead. Nothing seems to change, no matter how brutal the cost. Terrible things happen; pious statements are released, and the nation goes back to its self-absorbed distractions.

The latest massacre in south Florida requires two things from all of us. We need to pray for the victims and their families because -- as I witnessed firsthand at Columbine -- their suffering is intense and long lasting. And we need to be angry: angry at our lawmakers for doing so little to prevent these catastrophes; angry at our news and entertainment media for simultaneously feeding off these tragedies and fueling them with a steady stream of sensationalism and moral incoherence; angry at ourselves for perversely tolerating these things, and then forgetting them until the next round of violence.

This is Lent. As a people, we have a lot to repent and confess. And let's not lie to ourselves that tighter gun restrictions -- as vital and urgent as they now are -- will solve the problem. We've lost our respect for human life on a much broader scale, and this is the utterly predictable result."

+Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Philadelphia

2018 Bishop’s Annual Appeal
Lighting a Fire in the Heart of Our World

This weekend, parishes throughout the Diocese of Metuchen are celebrating Bishop’s Annual Appeal In-Pew Weekend. Our goal is for every family to participate. Every gift, no matter the size, is important and greatly appreciated. Together, we are working to become kindling that is set aflame by the Holy Spirit, allowing God’s love and power to burn more brightly here in the Diocese of Metuchen. Thank you for actively participating in this mission by your financial support.

Upcoming Events More Upcoming Events
March 12

First Eucharist Preparation: Mini-Retreat


Students of Tuesday Religious Education Classes

More info on the Faith Formation Website.

Novena Mass


St. Vincent de Paul Society Monthly Meetings


More info on the St. Vincent de Paul Ministry page.

March 14

First Eucharist Preparation: Mini-Retreat


Students of Saint Bartholomew School
Students of Thursday Religious Education Classes

More info on the Faith Formation Website.

In God's Image Meeting

7:00pm in the Annex Building at Sacred Heart Church, South Plainfield

In God's Image, the Catholic Faith Sharing Group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people at Sacred Heart Church, South Plainfield, meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Annex Building. Our next meeting is March 14. The group is open to LGBT adults, 18 and over, and their families. All are welcome for faith sharing, prayer, conversation and support. For more information, contact Fr John at 908 756 0633, ext 125. or the group may be reached by contacting 908 822 5895 or by emailing

Knights of Columbus Assembly 3583 Meeting


March 16

Confirmation Preparation Session: Lenten Mass, Stations of the Cross and Hunger Banquet

7:00pm (arrival at 6:45pm)

Lenten Mass and Stations of the Cross in Church followed by Hunger Banquet in the Parish Hall

Return Rice Bowls

More info on the Faith Formation Website.

Hunger Banquet

7:00pm in Parish Hall

March 17

Knights of Columbus Corporate Communion

5:00pm Mass


March 17-18

St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Collection

Donations will be accepted in the Narthex before and after all Masses

More info on the St. Vincent de Paul Ministry page.

Cub Scouts Pack 109 wll be selling Palm Crosses

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Please pray for the members of our Parish Family who are sick as well as those who are serving in the armed forces.

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